CCMAA Team USA Victorious in World Hung Kuen Championships in China!

November of 2016. After diligent practice and preparation, Calvin Chin's Martial Arts Academy members of team USA set out to join their Lam family Hung Kuen brothers and sisters from across the globe in Hong Kong. The occasion of this trip was once again to attend and perform at Grandmaster Lam Chun Fai's Book signing release party and to represent our school, our country and our Lam family Hung Kuen Lineage at the World Hung Kuen Association 2nd world championship tournament.

    This time the book signing/release event was for Grandmaster Lam Chun Fai's upcoming book on the Iron Wire set also known as Tid Sin Kuen! This is the pinnacle form in our Hung Kuen system and it is both, a sign of the times, and of the Grandmaster's openness in teaching this important form to the general public! It is a book- accompanied by DVD- that the world awaits eagerly! It was an honor to be included among the performances at this event! Having made the trip to Hong Kong, -some of us for the first time- it was with great excitement that we prepared at the venue to perform. The thirteen performers from our school shook off any nerves and put their best effort forward as we could all feel the importance of this event! We started our performance segment of the show with a group Gung Ji Kuen in an "I" formation. This was followed by group hand ,and weapon sets by both youth and adult team members. Also performed were the two person empty hand sets Moy Fa Dui Chak or Plum Flower two person fist set and Lau Gar Dui Chak or Lau Familiy two person fist set. These are two sets created by our teacher Master Calvin Chin and we were happy to debut them to the rest of our Lam family brothers and sisters. Our performance culminated in our own Master Calvin Chin performing the Iron Wire set itself! There were many other performances throughout the event from Sifu of note and their students from around the world. The entire show was riveting and exciting as all involved performed with great spirit and energy! It was no surprise to anyone in attendance, the high caliber of skill displayed by our Lam family Hung Kuen!

The next day we headed to Foxian, Xijiao, China by bus arraigned by Mrs. Catherine Johnston and Mr. William Yau with our own Stephen Yu as the coordinator for bus #1! The drive only takes about three hours and most used that time to rest and/or socialize with friends old, and new! After checking in to the luxurious National Arts Hotel, our team members got their competitor packets with ID badges and division designations. There were 14 countries represented from around the world and most lineages of Hung Kuen represented at this Hung Kuen only event! This event is held outside at the National Arts Studios which is a sprawling compound used for the production of movies! Called the Hollywood of Asia, this venue was as close as any of us has or will be to performing in an actual Kung Fu Movie. The backdrop of the ancient looking palaces with their terracotta tiled roofs was breathtaking! As can be expected, competition Saturday and Sunday, was of the the highest caliber with competitors from all over the world vying for top honors! Fierce competition and camaraderie were the rule for the day! Everyone giving their best and showing genuine mutual respect! at the end of the event I am proud to report that our School did very well! Taking home 16 Gold, 4 Silver and 5 Bronze! More medals than any other single school at the event! This  event was a unique experience for all who attended! Even though they will have the third event of this kind in 2018, those that attended this one will carry the memories of this event with them for the rest of their lives!  

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