About Us

Founded in 1996 in Newton, MA, Calvin Chin's Martial Arts Academy specializes in traditional Chinese martial arts programs for children age 5 and up and adults of all ages.

Our Programs

Our diverse programs range from the vigorous and dynamic Shaolin Hung Gar Tiger Crane system to the low impact, subtle movements of Wu style Tai Chi.

We offer programs to benefit health, fitness, coordination, discipline, focus, and self defense.

Our System

We practice a traditional Chinese martial arts system called Fu Hok Tai He Morn, founded by Kwong Tit-Fu from Guangzhou, Guangdong province of China. The words are a composite for three systems:

The systems are left intact, maintaining traditional form sequences, and each system is taught in a separate program.

Our Instructors

Calvin Chin is the Chief Instructor and Master (Sifu) at Calvin Chin’s Martial Arts Academy.  Our other instructors assist at academy classes, seminars and on-site programs. All instructors are long-term practitioners who have trained under the guidance of Kwong Tit Fu and or Calvin Chin. In our effort to provide the highest quality instruction, our instructors are continually trained by Calvin Chin in advanced martial arts technique and instructional format.

We seek to preserve and promote the virtues of traditional Chinese martial arts through our unique Fu Hok Tai He Morn system of training. We strive to improve the standards and perception of martial arts to attract not only individuals who wish to gain the health benefits and practical use, but also those who have interests in the philosophical and physiological aspects of the ancient arts. We believe benefits abound from the discipline of learning a traditional martial art, and we will provide suitable programs for all to learn - from those in need of a recreational fitness program to those in search of deeper understanding of a lifelong passion. We seek to unravel the complexities of a traditional martial art, imparting theories from our multifaceted system in ways that can be easily learned, understood, and most importantly, carried out into other aspects of daily life. We want to enhance the well being of our members as well as to produce life learners in an environment where both the body and mind are nurtured.