I highly recommend Calvin Chins Martial Arts Academy to anyone that wants to learn Kung Fu and Tai Qi. Age is no limitation at this school. Watch a class of young children between the ages of 6 and 12 taught by Lucien Zoll. They follow his direction "eyes on him", alert and focused. At 70 years old I am learning Tai Qi, no more painful and tight muscles, more relaxed yet alert. Check out this school. It's more than a martial arts school. It's a community and everyone helps each on their journey to becoming the best they can be. Taking classes when I am in the Boston area and learning by online live streaming.


I believe that tai chi classes at CCMAA keep this 80-year-old limber and fit. The classes are also great fun, with much camaraderie.


For me, the benefits of Tai Chi are multiple: better balance and circulation, far more body awareness, increased flexibility, overall sense of well-being, and a sense of fulfillment resulting from achievement. When I first began to practice Tai Chi, I attempted a downward posture and utterly failed to lower myself as far as the more youthful students in the class. At the time I concluded that my age (58 at the time) simply prohibited me from lowering my body any further. Each year hence -- through practice and relaxation, not excessive effort -- I have found myself descending lower and lower. Clearly, age was not the issue. Regular Tai Chi practice has enabled me to assume postures that were impossible for me earlier. This increased flexibility has also benefitted me in two sports that I play -- tennis and golf. What I love about Tai Chi is that the exercise is not of individual body parts, but of the whole body. I know that certain muscles of mine have been strengthened, but not as a result of exclusive attention to individual muscles. Rather, they are strengthened through whole body engagement.


I have been studying Kung Fu and Tai Chi at Calvin Chin's Martial Arts Academy for over five years now. The instruction, facilities and people I have met during my time at CCMAA are all amazing. Our Sifu, Grandmaster Calvin Chin, is one of the most talented, humble, kind, hardworking masters I have ever met. He is also ALWAYS teaching. I have found that this rather rare for someone of his talent... at this stage of his martial arts career. I have enjoyed my time so much at Calvin Chin's that I participate every year in our Chinese New Year celebration in Boston, MA. With my Sifu's permission I have started teaching two local Tai Chi classes in the Boston area to spread our system and the profound knowledge of my Sifu. Our school is based on people helping and teaching others and through this cooperation there is great emphasis on personal develop and striving for excellence...I would recommend CCMAA to anyone who is interested in learning martial arts or looking for an alternate form of exercise such as Tai Chi.

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