Stephen Wing


Sifu Wing started his martial arts career in the 1970’s as a teenager studying Hung Gar Kuen with the late Grandmaster Kwong Tit Fu in Boston’s Chinatown.  He was an integral part of Grandmaster Kwong’s performance teams, participating in numerous martial arts and lion dancing demonstrations throughout the Boston area. 

Following a 25-year hiatus to focus on higher education, career development, and raising a family, Sifu Wing returned in 1999 with his family to study FHTHM under Master Calvin Chin.  Since rejoining the system, Sifu Wing has focused on learning and teaching all aspects of the FHTHM system including Hung Gar, Tai Chi, and Mu Dong under Master Chin’s guidance.

Some of Sifu Wing’s key accomplishments under Master Chin include winning numerous medals in various martial arts tournaments around the world in forms and push hands competitions.  He was bestowed the rank of Sifu in 2008 by Master Chin, and continues to assist in teaching youth and adult classes for all aspects of the FHTHM system at the Newton academy.