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Calvin Chin's Martial Arts Academy specializes in performance of traditional Kung Fu and modern Wushu forms, as well as Chinese lion dance and dragon dance.  Check out some of our past performances and corporate clients, and book a performance for your event.

Our Performance Team

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Under the direction of Sifu Lucien Zoll, our performance team is selected by invitation from our top students.  In addition to traditional Hung Gar Kung Fu, weapons, and Wu style Tai Chi performance, our team is trained in modern Wushu competition forms demanding a high degree of agility, flexibility and poise.

Lion Dance and Dragon Dance

We perform traditional Chinese lion dance and dragon dance at numerous festivals in the Boston area, especially around the time of the Chinese New Year.  We also perform regularly at weddings and other private and corporate events.

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Former Clients

Some of our clients include:

  • Staples Corp.

  • General Electric Health Care

  • Intel Corp.

  • Liberty Mutual

  • WNBA

  • World Financial Group

  • McDonalds

  • Arts Emerson Boston

  • Mohegan Sun Casino

  • Mohegan Sun Arena

  • Chinatown Main Streets, Boston

  • Reebok Corp.

  • Macy's Boston

  • Holiday Inn

  • Todo's Fitness and Dance Studio

  • Chinese American Assoc. of Lexington

  • Brookline Asian Family Network

  • Wellesly Middle School

  • Brookline High School

  • Cambridge Montessori

  • Middlesex School

  • Driscoll School

  • Bowen Elementary

  • Brandies University SEAC

  • Bently University

  • New England Conservatory of Music

  • Newton Cantonese School

  • Sufolk University

  • Braeburn Country Club Newton

  • Bamboo Restaurant, Dedham, Bedford, Weston

  • Mandarin Restaurant Reading