Tai Chi Paradigm


Tai Chi Paradigm is a training system developed to maintain, improve, and prevent age-related degeneration of neuro-muscular motor skills. It is a distinct set of exercises and concepts of spatial patterns. The DVD covers warm-up exercises and the 37-movement Wu short form. 

The Tai Chi Paradigm DVD is available for $25 at the Academy, and is also now on Amazon!

In addition, training is available online through Livestream — the warm-up exercises, 37 movement short form, and monthly tutorials. You can watch the video on your own schedule, repeating it as many times as you want within the rental period.

To start, please view our Intro to Tai Chi Paradigm - Grasp the Sparrow's Tail Tutorial at no cost. We hope you will consider online classes if you cannot make our regular classes or do not live in our area. On the other hand, existing students will benefit from more in-depth instruction than is always available in group classes.

Watch Grandmaster Calvin Chin discuss the health benefits of practicing Tai Chi