Specials and Promotions!

 Welcome to our specials and promotions page! We are currently running a special promotion, here's the deal. Take two free trial classes and we will waive the $20. registration fee. Normally an 8 class intro session is $140. plus $20. registration fee for a total of $160.  This deal is a $60. value as it turns the eight class intro into a 10 class intro for $140. In addition we have partnered with a company called Nift. Nift helps local businesses support each other by offering a discount card that can be used at other local businesses. Each Nift card has a minimum of $30. value in discounts to 2 local deals in a variety of categories that you choose from. The first 50 people to sign up for an Intro session with us will get one of these Nift cards for free! It is first come, first serve, so we hope that you will act soon! Fill out the form below and choose Nift from the drop down menu!


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