Fall Schedule

September 1, 2017- November 30, 2017

You do not need to call the academy in advance to view or try a free Intro class.  Check the schedule below for an Intro class in your choice of program and the scheduled closings to determine when to come. Click on the Contact Us tab for parking information, directions or if you have any questions.

SCHOOL CLOSINGS:  September 4 and November 23&24 Class cancellations for October 7 and November 4 tournaments TBD


*These are supplementary classes and may not be taken without enrollment in traditional core classes. See PDF schedule for details.

** No Warm Ups   * 8 or 8:30am Tuesday and Thursday classes are proposed new classes that require pre-registration. We’re waiting for a minimum of 6 to sign up before running the class. Please click on the survey below if you are interested in one of our new offerings as a minimum of six students is required before running the classes. See PDF for details.